Book inventory.

This is a work in progress.

Title Author Read
Chaos James Gleick
The handmaid's tale Margaret Atwood
William Wordsworth - selected poems
Dune Frank Herbert
QED: the strange theory of light and matter Richard Feynman 1
The house of the spirits Isabel Allende 1
Foundation Isaac Asimov 1
God and the new physics Paul Davies 1
Brick Lane Monica Ali 1
The corrections Jonathan Franzen 1
The physicists C. P. Snow 1
Site reliability engineering Betsy Beyer, Chris Jones, Jennifer Petoff and Niall Richard Murphy 1
Under Milk Wood Dylan Thomas 1
Evolution of mathematical concepts R. L. Wilder 1
William Wordsworth - a literary life John Williams 1
The Iliad Homer (tr. Edward Smith-Stanley) 1
Female tars: women aboard ship in the age of sail Suzanne J. Stark 1
The gods of Olympus Menelaos and Yannis Stephanides 1
The Odyssey Homer (tr. E. V. Rieu and revised by D. C. H. Rieu) 1
Troy Stephen Fry 1
The satsuma complex (audiobook) Bob Mortimer 1
Of human freedom Epictetus 1
Cannery Row (audiobook) John Steinbeck 1
The blind assassin Margaret Atwood 1
The birth of a new physics I. Bernard Cohen 1
The shipping news E. Annie Proulx 1
Physics and philosophy Werner Heisenberg 1
To the lighthouse Virginia Woolf 1
Atoms and the universe G. O. Jones, J. Rotblat and G. J. Whitrow 1
The Seven Dials mystery Agatha Christie 1
Mr Tompkins in paperback George Gamov 1
Cold Comfort Farm Stella Gibbons 1
Physics and philosophy James Jeans 1
The power of the dog Don Wilson 1
Black holes Brian Cox and Jeff Forshaw 1
Heart of darkness and other tales Joseph Conrad 1
Such a long journey Rohinton Mistry 1
Channel shore Tom Short 1
Meditations Marcus Aurelius 1
Tiny habits B. J. Fogg 1
Enterprise architecture for digital business Geng Lin and Lori A. MacVittie 1
The Inspector Barlach mysteries Friedrich Durrenmatt 1
Cat's cradle Kurt Vonnegut 1
Good omens Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman 1
And away... (audiobook) Bob Mortimer 1
Reaper man Terry Pratchett 1
Drink? David Nutt 1
Mort Terry Pratchett 1
Reality is not what it seems Carlo Rovelli 1
Where angels fear to tread E. M. Forster 1
Seven brief lessons on physics Carlo Rovelli 1
The 39 steps John Buchan 1
Observations on the River Wye William Gilpin 1
Slaughterhouse 5 Kurt Vonnegut 1
Dreaming in code Scott Rosenberg 1
For whom the bell tolls Ernest Hemingway 1
My own words Ruth Bader Ginsburg 1
Animal Farm George Orwell 1
Privacy is power Carissa Veliz 1
Four thousand weeks Oliver Burkeman 1
The plague Albert Camus 1
The theory that would not die Sharon Bertsch Mcgrayne 1
The road to Little Dribbling Bill Bryson 1
Why we eat (too much) Andrew Jenkinson 1
Surely you're joking Mr. Feynman Richard Feynman 1
The Ionian mission Patrick O'Brian 1
Bad science Ben Goldacre 1
Thinking, fast and slow Daniel Kahneman 1
The surgeon's mate Patrick O'Brian 1
On the shortness of life Seneca 1
Problems and prospects in medium range weather forecasting Erland Kallen and Daniel Burridge 1
Medium-range weather prediction - the European approach Austin Woods 1
The fortune of war Patrick O'Brian 1
Frigates, sloops and brigs James Henderson 1
Change Chip Heath and Dan Heath 1
Nimitz class Patrick Robinson 1
The signal and the noise Nate Silver 1
I think you'll find it's a bit more complicated than that Ben Goldacre 1
Management 3.0 Jurgen Appelo 1
The mythical man-month Frederick P. Brooks Jr. 1
Why don't penguins' feet freeze? New Scientist 1
Quirkology Richard Wiseman 1
Song of ice and fire: book 2 George R. R. Martin 1
From Newbury with love Horsbrugh-Porter and Aidova 1
Kanban and scrum: making the most of both Kniberg and Skarin 1
The 4 disciplines of execution McChesney and Covey and Huling 1
Letters to a young contrarian Christopher Hitchens 1
Desolation Island Patrick O'Brian 1
The Mauritius command Patrick O'Brian 1
HMS Surprise Patrick O'Brian 1
Post captain Patrick O'Brian 1
Master and commander Patrick O'Brian 1
A brief history of time Stephen Hawking 1
A clockwork orange Anthony Burgess 1
A midsummer night's dream Shakespeare 1
A private view of LS Lowry Shelley Rohde 1
At the centre of the storm George Tenet 1
Birdsong Sebastien Faulks 1
Black swan Nassim Nicholas Taleb 1
Cabinets and the bomb Peter Hennessy 1
Carry on Jeeves PG Wodehouse 1
Catcher in the rye JD Salinger 1
Chronicles volume 1 Bob Dylan 1
Cider with Rosie Laurie Lee 1
Collected Poems Philip Larkin 1
Condition Black Gerald Seymour 1
Confessions of an English opium eater Thomas de Quincey 1
Dirk Gently's holistic detective agency Douglas Adams 1
Don Quixote Cervantes 1
Dr. Faustus Christopher Marlowe 1
Dracula Bram Stoker 1
Enduring love Ian McEwan 1
Endymion Keats 1
Europe Brendan Simms 1
Foucault's pendulum Umberto Eco 1
Frankenstein Mary Shelley 1
God is not great Christopher Hitchens 1
Godless morality Richard Holloway 1
Goodbye Mr Chips James Hilton 1
Happy to be here Garrison Keillor 1
Happy Derren Brown 1
How to talk dirty and infuence people Lenny Bruce 1
Influence: science and practice Robert B Cialdini 1
Is anyone out there? Frank Drake and Dava Sobel 1
Jake's thing Kingsley Amis 1
Jonathan Livingstone Seagull Richard Bach 1
Journey to Ixtlan Carlos Castaneda 1
Journey's end RC Sherriff 1
Lean thinking James Womack and Daniel Jones 1
Love all the people Bill Hicks 1
Love in the time of cholera Gabriel Garcia Marquez 1
Lucky Jim Kingsley Amis 1
Macbeth Shakespeare 1
Metamorphosis Franz Kafka 1
Northern lights Philip Pullman 1
Of mice and men John Steinbeck 1
One hundred years of solitude Gabriel Garcia Marquez 1
Othello Shakespeare 1
Pies and prejudice Stuart Maconie 1
Selected poems and letters of Keats Robert Gittings 1
Six sigma Mikel Harry and Richard Schroeder 1
Smallcreep's day Peter Currell Brown 1
Spycatcher Peter Wright 1
Structures JE Gordon 1
Take a girl like you Kingsley Amis 1
Taming of the shrew Shakespeare 1
Thank you Jeeves PG Wodehouse 1
The 4 disciplines of execution Chris Mcchesney, Sean Covey and Jim Huling 1
The Crusades: a history Robert Payne 1
The God delusion Richard Dawkins 1
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series Douglas Adams 1
The acid house Irvine Welsh 1
The adventure of English Melvyn Bragg 1
The amber spyglass Philip Pullman 1
The art of agile development James Shore and Shane Warden 1
The code of the Woosters PG Wodehouse 1
The common pursuit FR Leavis 1
The curious incident of the dog in the night-time Mark Haddon 1
The enlarged devil's dictionary Ambrose Bierce 1
The exorcist William Peter Blatty 1
The god of small things Arundhati Roy 1
The hobbit JRR Tolkien 1
The inimitable Jeeves PG Wodehoouse 1
The life of Pi Yann Martel 1
The log from the Sea of Cortez John Steinbeck 1
The long dark teatime of the soul Douglas Adams 1
The man who mistook his wife for a hat Oliver Sacks 1
The maths of life and death Kit Yates 1
The old devils Kingsley Amis 1
The pocket guide to manwatching Desmond Morris 1
The subtle knife Philip Pullman 1
The tao of physics Fritzof Capra 1
The trial Franz Kafka 1
The unbearable lightness of being Milan Kundera 1
The universe in a nutshell Stephen Hawking 1
Tortilla Flat John Steinbeck 1
Trainspotting Irvine Welsh 1
Vernon God Little DBC Pierre 1
What is this thing called science? Alan Chalmers 1
Why I am so wise Friedrich Nietzsche 1
Why Orwell matters Christopher Hitchens 1
Yellow dog Martin Amis 1
Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance Robert M. Pirsig 1
Seventeenth century rigging R. C. Anderson
Wuthering Heights Emily Brontë
The second world war 1 Winston Churchill
The second world war 2: their finest hour Winston Churchill
The second world war 3: the grand alliance Winston Churchill
Ignition! John D. Clark
The game of chess Harry Golombek
Switch Chip and Dean Heath
Pies and prejudice Stuart Maconie
What if? Randall Munroe
Treason's Harbour* Patrick O'Brian
The Far Side of the World* Patrick O'Brian
The Reverse of the Medal Patrick O'Brian
The Letter of Marque* Patrick O'Brian
The Thirteen-Gun Salute* Patrick O'Brian
The Nutmeg of Consolation Patrick O'Brian
Clarissa Oakes* Patrick O'Brian
The Wine-Dark Sea* Patrick O'Brian
The Commodore Patrick O'Brian
The Yellow Admiral Patrick O'Brian
The Hundred Days* Patrick O'Brian
Blue at the Mizzen Patrick O'Brian
The Final Unfinished Voyage of Jack Aubrey Patrick O'Brian
The unknown shore Patrick O'Brian
Soul music Terry Pratchett
Hogfather Terry Pratchett
Thief of time Terry Pratchett
The butterfly tattoo Philip Pullman
Trafalgar captain Hilary L. Rubinstein
A brief history of New Zealand Keith Sinclair
An intimate history of humanity Theodore Zeldin