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Using the Zotero API

For a while I was accumulating articles I wanted to read in a collection in Zotero, which is where I keep track of articles, blog posts, etc. that I've read (see Markdown notes from Zotero).

I recently decided I had a better place to keep these (basically a text file of URLs), so needed to extract the URLS from Zotero, and then delete the items from the collection. The collection size was a few hundred, so not a job to do manually; but the Zotero API was something I wanted to have a look at anyway.

So this post describes getting the URLs for all of the items in a Zotero collection, and deleting the items, using the Zotero web API.

Obsidian and Foam side-by-side

For a while I've been using Foam, which is basically a VSCode extension plus a template Git repository, as my note-taking / personal knowledge management system. A little while after getting started with this I came across Obsidian, which is a popular dedicated note-taking app. This post compares the two.