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Markdown notes from Zotero

Getting Markdown notes for items stored in Zotero.


I keep a 'zettelkasten' or 'second brain' of sorts (although without adhering to any particular system), consisting of Markdown files. I use VSCode and Foam to manage this, which for the basic level of functionality I need seems roughly equivalent to using Obsidian. (In fact I use that sometimes, on the same set of notes - I can switch between between Obsidian, VSCode+Foam, or just editing in Vim, depending on what I want to do. The notes are plain Markdown and are stored in a Git repository, so I'm not tied to any particular tool.)

In trying to get as much of the information that I store as possible into Markdown, I recently started to use Zotero to manage bibliographies and reading lists, primarily because there are add-ons for it that allow Zotero records to be exported as Markdown.

They key one is Mdnotes.

Installation / configuration

To install any Zotero add-on, the add-on needs to be downloaded as an .xpi file. Then it can be added via the Tools -> Add-ons -> Install Add-on From File... menu.

Two dependencies are required:

Once these have been added, add Mdnotes itself in the same way, then restart Zotero.

In Zotero's Tools menu, selecting the new Mdnotes preferences item allows the add-on's behaviour to be configured. I set the File organization option to Single file, which enables the Create full export note function. This exports the item's metadata, and any Zotero notes that are associated with it, as a single file. I set the Export directory to a location inside my Foam project. Under the File names tab, I set the suffix to -mdnote for the Mdnotes type, which is what seems to be created by the Create full export note option. Lastly, I set up the note template files as described here, and store them in the same directory as the exported Markdown, so they're under version control inside my notes repository.

That's all a bit of a faff, but once done, right-clicking on an item in Zotero and clicking Create full export note adds a Markdown file in my Foam project with all the metadata for the item, with appropriate tags and Wiki links, and including any notes I made in Zotero about the item. I add a Zotero record, and export it to a Markdown note in this way, for everything I read online.